XPS spectroscopy


CasaXPS is a “stand alone” data system for X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS). It is designed to take data from a wide range of instruments using native file formats wherever possible, convert these formats to the ISO 14976 standard and provide a single environment for all to process XPS, AES and SIMS data. For many analysts problem-solving using multiple techniques is common-place and while the origins of CasaXPS are clearly XPS the expansion of the system to cover AES and SIMS is both natural and desirable. In addition, XPS image processing has also become increasingly important and to fulfil the potential of the modern imaging XPS instruments, new algorithms and procedures have been added to CasaXPS.



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CasaXPS Cookbook - Part 1
“The CasaXPS Cookbook” forms the user manual for the Casa data system. Many of the features in CasaX..
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