CasaXPS Cookbook - Part 2

CasaXPS Cookbook - Part 2
CasaXPS Cookbook - Part 2 CasaXPS Cookbook - Part 2 CasaXPS Cookbook - Part 2 CasaXPS Cookbook - Part 2 CasaXPS Cookbook - Part 2 CasaXPS Cookbook - Part 2
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The popularity of XPS as an imaging technique compared to the technique when used for spectroscopic analysis is well illustrated by Briggs and Grant (2003), in which only two of thirty one chapters are devoted to imaging surface analysis and only one of these two imaging chapters is devoted to XPS. The two most common reasons cited for limited interest in XPS imaging are poor spatial resolution and difficulty in interpreting the images. Advances in instrument design are addressing the first criticism. Modern laboratory based XPS instruments are now capable of spatial resolution better than 3µm, while more powerful light sources coupled with double analyser configurations offer submicron spatial resolution. Regardless of the advances in the physics and engineering used in XPS imaging, interpretation of the resultant images is still an issue: addressing these concerns is central to expanding XPS imaging as a problem solving technology. Image processing features in CasaXPS have been developed to enhance the understanding of XPS images with the view to extending use of imaging XPS beyond the occasional towards the routine for the many laboratories currently equipped with the technique.

The book's main topics include:

    * XPS Image Acquisition
    * Noise Reduction using Principal Component Analysis
    * Image Analysis using Peak and Background Data Sets
    * Quantification of Peak and Background Images
    * XPS Spectromicroscopy
    * Case Studies
    * Image Stitching
    * Practical matters




Extent 200pp
Format Softback, 228x190x23mm
Copyright 2011
ISBN 9780954953324

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